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Customise your template and make it yours with your unique brand and text directly in Canva.
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Why Choose Our CanvaTemplates 

Easy to customize

Match it with your website

Images and fonts are free to use

Easily customize your text, brand colors and fonts directly in Canva. 

Having a consistent brand is key for your business and your audience. 

The images and fonts are free to use and do not need extra licensing.

Kind Words

"Working with Vanessa allowed me to restore my confidence and move forward more quickly on my project. She made me go back to basics to find the essence of my work and to be able to communicate about it. The fact that Vanessa specialized in the Yoga and Wellness sector is a big advantage because she knows the market really well. I highly recommend working with her."

Emilie Wiltord
Cent Huit Yoga Studio Paris

Kind Words

"The YogaBizLab Team knows exactly how to combine the world of yoga and wellness with that of business, which is very rare. They are very professional and the result of their work is just magnificient and it matches my values 100%. I adore my new website."

Dominique Colombo
Pilates & Fascia in Flow Studio

Kind Words

"I did the 1:1 Signature coaching program with Vanessa. This coaching was transformative and very important for me, it is a very rich human experience moreover I saved a huge amount of time and I gained self-confidence. Vanessa is an authentic person, very professional, always there to help, and I love the fact that she has a global vision with an international background. I highly recommend working with Vanessa."

Myriam Coz
Sun & Soul Yoga Studio

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